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Got Any Brown M&Ms?

Van Halen ‘s Jump spent five weeks at #1 during February and March 1984. Singer David Lee Roth said the line "go ahead and jump" came from a TV news report about someone threatening suicide.


Roth also tells us why Van Halen had a clause in their 1980s contract rider saying no brown M&Ms backstage, "Promoters frequently didn't read the contract rider, and we would have physical issues because, hey, there wasn't the proper electricity, load-bearing stress, etc. So, in the middle of a huge contract rider I had them place a clause, that, just out of the middle of nowhere it would say, 'There will be no brown M&Ms in the backstage area or the promoter will forfeit the show at full price.' Howdy. Dave Roth, Make yourself at home. Got a brown M&M?"


Jump  was Van Halen's most successful single to date and  was built around a synthesizer line Eddie Van Halen had a couple of years earlier that the rest of the band didn't want to use.


Daryl Hall thinks Eddie modeled the riff after the chorus in Kiss on My List.

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