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McCartney and Crosby Hang Out Together

Paul McCartney starts his 2017 tour schedule a week from tomorrow in Tokyo. David Crosby starts his tomorrow night (Tuesday) in Anaheim, California. But this weekend in Los Angeles, they rehearsed next to each other.


Crosby was standing outside his rehearsal space on Easter Sunday when McCartney rolled up in his blue Corvette. Pleasantries were exchanged and later in the day Macca invited Croz into his rehearsal space.


Afterwards, writing on Twitter, Crosby said, "Definitely fun to see Paul ... he is a really nice man and was very complimentary to us, and he and his stellar band were seriously rocking."


The two are not strangers to one another, having first met in the '60s, when David was in The Byrds and McCartney in The Beatles.

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