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Beatles 1st Number One Single

“From Me to You" was The Beatles first number-one single, topping Britain's New Musical Express chart on April 27th, 1963 -- 55 years ago today.


The late George Harrison spoke about what the song meant to the group,” 'From Me To You' is really important because that kinda put the stamp on it. We had the first one, which did good. They let us back in the studio, we did the next one an then we had the album which did good.”


“And then, 'From Me To You', the next single. 'Cause remember everybody would try in those days to make a single that sounded just like the previous one which was the hit. And we kinda avoided that, but if you notice, it did have the harmonica still on it, which was like a little trademark at that time." Harrison said.


While I ”From Me to You” topped the British charts, in America it fell short of the Billboard Hot 100 the first time it came out, then reached number-41 when it was reissued during the Beatlemania period.


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